It’s open. Some close-outs:

* SHOOTING NEAR STIFFT STATION: Forbidden Hillcrest captures police radio traffic on a drive-by shooting of a man shot in the chest along Markham Street in front of the Arkansas Schools for the Deaf and Blind campuses. It blocked traffic for a time on Markham at Woodrow and Kavanaugh. No report on the man’s condition. Suspects were stopped shortly after near Third and State.


* WHAT IS IN THE WATER IN HOT SPRINGS: A notice in Hot Springs paper announced a rally a few nights ago at the Gospel Light Champion College Cafeteria to view “Restoring Courage, Stand With Israel.” a video-stream event from Israel.

Garland County Justice of the Peace Mary Bournival, District 4, called the international event “basically an encore to what Glenn Beck did for restoring honor in Washington, D.C. last year.”

Not everybody in Hot Springs has been called to glory yet. A local blogger who’s keeping up with the Garland County theocracy movement commented in a post passed along to me today:


About 100 people showed up. Most of our village idiots were there, a motley gaggle of teabaggers, one lady dressed in the settler garb of a zealot garbage-thrower in Hebron, and a few curious, curmudgeonly onlookers like yours truly. As the big show started on the big screen, a speaker solemnly asked the Jerusalem audience (mostly white American Christians) to stand for Israel’s national anthem. They did, and so did we. Well, most of us. Except for a few notable (ahem) exceptions, the Hot Springs Hundred (mostly white American Christians) dutifully rose as one while Hatikvah played on and on. And on.

* TEA PARTY TORPOR: Speaking of people with good sense — still more polling showing rising displeasure with the Tea Party and the actions of Tea Party Republicans in Congress. In Arkansas, unfortunately, TPers Tim Griffin, Rick Crawford and Steve Womack think voters still like government destruction. Americans want compromise. That word is not in the Griffin-Crawford-Womack dictionary.

* DOWD DESTROYS DARTH CHENEY: Maureen Dowd eviscerates Dick Cheney and his new book, which does manage at least to illustrate his batshit evilness.