Three days of the week done. Your turn here. Final items:

* THE DEBATE DEBATE: President Obama has scheduled a speech to Congress that conflicts with an NBC Republican presidential debate. Republicans naturally are carping and Boehner is showing his rear and trying to force the president to let HIM set times of presidential speeches to Congress. But NBC says it could simply push the debate back and probably get more attention than it would have otherwise. White House says GOP pre-cleared time, BTW. This is kind of stuff makes people crazy at D.C. Here’s the NY Times write-thru, I still say Boehner looks like a dick. But I’m sure Repubs see it differently. UPDATE: Obama caved.

* BLOG FAMILY: The news is good tonight on HHW.

* STICKER SHOCK: I just realized that the city of Little Rock is asking for $500 million in sales tax increases over the next 10 years, or an average of about $50 million a year, on a current total city budget of around $191 million. A 26 percent tax increase in the year of the Tea Party? It’s mind-boggling.