It’s Tuesday and your you’re on. Close-outs:

* HE LIKES MIKE: Columnist Mark Shields writes warmly of Mike Huckabee and recounts how Huckabee thinks he could beat Barack Obama in 2012, if only he could survive the Republican primary first. He notes that Huckabee is enjoying having plenty of money.


* MARA LEVERITT IN NEWSWEEK: Mara Leveritt writes about the dramatic West Memphis Three events last week for Newsweek

* LITTLE ROCK SALES TAX: Some time this evening, this week’s edition of the Times will be found on-line. You’ll find there an editorial page endorsement of the full Little Rock sales tax proposal. It was a product of a discussion of our editorial board, which includes the editor, writers and publisher. The editorial, which represents the institutional position of the newspaper, speaks for itself. So, too, does my column, which continues my earlier personal inclination to vote for the operational portion of the millage, but not the “capital” portion. See: Emerson, Ralph Waldo.


*WOO PIG: ESPN’s Rick Reilly says the football Hogs are gonna win it all this year:

Grub’s, the best college bar in America, will nearly come unhinged when Arkansas wins the BCS national championship over Oklahoma. It’s the first national title for Arkansas since 1964, when it went undefeated under Frank Broyles. (Yet Alabama, which lost its bowl game to Texas that year, still claims it as theirs. Whoa, Tide!) Anyway, chili cheese fries for everybody!