It seems unlikely that Jon Huntsman will be going anywhere in the Republican presidential race, but he has made an interesting tax proposal. Retain a graduated income tax, with marginal rates of 8, 14 and 23 percent, but end all deductions, all loopholes, all corporate preferences. There’s a special pleader, of course, behind every single deduction and loophole — think churches and charities for starters, who effectively receive taxpayer subsidized contributions.

What’s not so interesting is where Huntsman returns to his Republican roots by calling for NO taxes on capital gains or dividends. The incredibly preferential capital gain and dividend rates already given the wealthy who enjoy most of the benefit has done little to stimulate the economy. A total repeal would truly leave an America in which only work — not wealth — was taxed.


Huntsman also believes in evolution and says he trust scientists on global warming. And still managed to be elected governor of Utah.