Rift reported in House Republican ranks: Members from storm-ravaged states don’t like Eric Cantor’s idea of tying disaster aid payments to offsetting budget cuts elsewhere.

Michael G. Grimm, a first-term Republican representing Staten Island, where many homes were flooded by the storm, strongly disagreed with the notion of delaying aid to find cuts elsewhere in the budget.

“You can’t put a number on keeping citizens safe,” said Mr. Grimm, who describes himself as a fiscal conservative. “It’s something the federal government must do. For example, if we’re attacked, we wouldn’t hold a budgetary meeting.”

Nan Hayworth, a Republican freshman representing areas north of New York City who won her seat with strong Tea Party support, also sees no connection between disaster aid and spending cuts, according to her spokesman, Nathaniel Sillin.

“They are two separate issues,” he said.

There’s more of the same from others. Cut thee, not me.


Reps. Womack, Griffin and Crawford? What say you? Should we pay a penny for disaster assistance without cutting it first from other programs?