The line is open. You got anything? I don’t have much, except:


* VOTE NOW ON TOAST OF THE TOWN: Time is running out to vote in the Arkansas Times’ annual Toast of the Town competition to name the best bars, drinks and related.


* THE FALLACY OF TAX HOLIDAYS: This NYT article is worth a read.

* THE FALLACY OF BUDGET CUTTING: So, Eric Cantor is asked, what now given that cutting spending and extended tax cuts haven’t spurred economic growth? (Surprise; people laid off from government work or government-funded work have less to spend.) Answer: More tax cuts. Beat head on wall some more.


* EMERGENCY LANDING: A Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Baltimore made an emergency stop in Little Rock this afternoon after a small fire in the cockpit. Crew used a hand extinguisher on the fire and the plane landed without incident.

* SENATOR NO, YOU’RE UP: Democratic leader Harry Reid has scheduled a vote on a disaster aid bill. Clean. No budget cutting first. Which side are you on, Sen. Boozman?



* RESERVE NOW FOR BLUES FEST: Time is also running out to reserve a bargain $99 seat on Arkansas Times Blues Bus to the King Biscuit Blues Festival on Oct. 8. Price includes round-trip transportation, tickets into the gated concert area, live blues bus, lunch at Craig’s Barbecue in Devalls Bluff and a performance by Bluesboy Jag! Charge by phone or call for more information at 501-375-2985!