Everywhere I turn this morning, alarms that the Republicans may be poised to nominate Texas Gov. Rick Perry as their presidential nominee. The U.S. elect such? It is frightening to contemplate.

* APOCALYPSE: I don’t think the word is a stretch as employed by John Brummett for a man who thinks Social Security a criminal enterprise and who thinks government regulation of the environment a mere impediment to profit.

* DEADLY: More sobering still was the “execution ovation” that Perry received at the Republican debate for the Texas death penalty assembly line and Perry’s utter lack of concern that the prosecution system might occasionally be flawed and condemn an innocent human being. Perry lose sleep? No, sir. See video above.


* ASK ME ABOUT MY GOVERNOR: I commend again the editorial written by former Arkansas journalist Mike Trimble, who’s had years of watching Perry at work in Texas to inform his warning to voters.