The line is open. I’ll leave you with:

* LINCOLN AS LOBBYIST: I guess former Sen. Blanche Lincoln isn’t technically a lobbyist yet, just a shill for a lobbying concern, here playing a convincing Republican as a voice for the National Federation of Independent Businesses against cleaner air and other useful government regulatory efforts.

* JOHNSON ENDORSED FOR SCHOOL BOARD: As I predicted last week, the Little Rock Education Association has endorsed Norma Johnson for the Zone 1 seat on the Little Rock School Board. She faces a write-in opponent.

* BLIND PARTISANSHIP: Did Democrats stick up much for Anthony Weiner? Don’t think so. But let an Arkansas Republican screw up and other Republicans immediately presume the entire system is crooked rather than that the fault lies with the erring Republican. Thus, the Republican defense I wrote of earlier for Rep. Denny Altes, caught trying to throw his weight around on an unemployment benefits case involving his son’s company. And now here is Sen. Johnny Key defending Bruce “Fireball” Holland. Police, prosecutor, judge and witnesses must all be wrong about Fireball’s epic cannonball run at 100 mph through Perry and Yell counties. Couldn’t be that a Republican senator broke the law and won’t take his punishment like a man.

* CHILLY: The high today in Little Rock was 64, Fox 16 says. That would be one of my favorite records — a record low high, against the previous coolest high for the date (in 1949) of 68.

* BREAKING NEWS: AIR SHOW CRASH: CNN says 12 are dead and 30 injured in crash of a WW II-vintage P-51 fighter crash at air show in Reno. Other reports put injured number as high as 75, many critically. “Mass casualties” is the operative phrase. UPDATE: Death toll much lower, perhaps only three, but many injuries, some life-threatening.