NO T-SHIRTS FROM SWEATSHOPS: Students object to Jerry Jones new venture.

  • NO T-SHIRTS FROM SWEATSHOPS: Students object to Jerry Jones’ new venture.

The Dallas Cowboys (aka Jerry Jones and Co.) has a new merchandising arm to sell clothing with college logos — USC and Ohio State seem to be early examples. New York Times doesn’t mention if the University of Arkansas is part of the company’s push. But the merchandising arm of the Cowboys has run into a complaint — use of overseas sweatshop labor.


Natalie Yoon, president of the United Students Against Sweatshops chapter at Ohio State, said: “This proposed licensing deal is very problematic given the Dallas Cowboys’ labor history. Just skimming the surface, we found the Cowboys produced merchandise at four factories that have egregious sweatshop violations.”

Here’s a thought. Get some of that new chamber of commerce-inspired Little Rock taxpayer-funded economic development slush fund, throw in some AEDC corporate welfare and see if we can’t bribe — er, incent — Jones into making that stuff in his old stomping grounds in Rose City?