Early start. There are other pressing matters (oh, never mind, ‘Bama wins). But an UPDATE:

* WELCOME TO THE GODFATHER’S TEA PARTY: Herman Cain — I said Herman Cain — won the Florida straw poll on Republican presidential candidates. Before all the other pundits weigh in, I want to say straw polls are stupid and representative mostly of the odd motivated groups that turn out for them — and base-strumming by interest groups, money, etc. This is described as a blow to Rick Perry. But he outpolled Mitt Romney, who the pundits thought crushed Perry in the debate. (He did.) Herman Cain the GOP nominee? I don’t think so. Jon Hunstman will get more GOP primary votes than Michele Bachmann? Hard to figure. (Though a Huntsman ascendance would be something for Democrats to worry about, since he’s marginally sane.)