The diehard my-pigs-can-crap-in-my-stream-that-feeds-your-water-supply crowd — pumped by the Koch front group Americans for Prosperity — turned out in good number for the hearing tonight at Winfield United Methoidst Church on the Deltic Timber-watered-down land use rules the county is proposing for the Lake Maumelle watershed. A mildly malignant fix is in here, at a minimum, unless the zanies prevail. If they do, stock up on your filters and bottled water, boys. Black helicopters? Yes, the specter of UN control came up.

Clayton J, still fired up from the sales tax opposition campaign (if not as always), provides a brief e-mail report that, amid the rhetoric, makes a point or two worth remembering:


About 250…most at any west meeting I have seen. 70 to 90 die-hards. Poor souls they do not listen very well, we tried to get them to be our west wing of the campaign but those Bozos, as Bill says, couldn’t organize a 2 car parade.

Found it ironic that when I left the eastern church property line was also the west most LR city limit line.

Those guys are so far out of the solar system it is hopeless…likely next week that church will be part of LR. And in 2 to 3 years everyone east of the western most part of the basin will be the same. They apparently did not listen to us when we told them that the 1 million a week tax was payment for future uninhibited western annexations???

So if they think those weenie Villines county zoning rules are hard to live with…I can’t wait to see their response when they meet LR planning and the LRBOD!!!!…HA!

First speaker started the night off the way I expected the rest to go..confrontational, belligerent, uncooperative….sling a bunch of insults.

I do not hang around for lynchings and left after the first speaker started.

UPDATE: See the jump for comments on the night from Barry Haas, another who’s worked long and hard in the effort to protect Lake Maumelle. He also has a prepared statement that touches on recent changes to the plan that will allow more intensive uses in the watershed, undoubtedly a result of Deltic influence.

UPDATE II: Kate Althoff, another watershed advocate, writes: “The homeowners in the watershed are so scared they cannot hear and understand information. They are in a frenzy. They think Central Arkansas Water is the villain behind the zoning ordinance. If there is any villain it is the one who has created the need for zoning. Please read the attached file. [It details Deltic Timber’s plans to develop 55,000 acres along the Highway 10 corridor in the watershed.] You will be amazed.”


Teresa Oelke, the Koch-paid organizer from Northwest Arkansas whose family profits from the Obama stimulus program she regularly derides, sent out a photo on Twitter pictures of the crowd. Kochs hate land-use controls because they can hamper their many polluting industries.