COME TOGETHER: Romney, Huckabee.

  • COME TOGETHER: Romney, Huckabee.

I’m not saying you should rush home and program your Tivo, but note that Mike Huckabee has scheduled an interview with Mitt Romney on his Fox talk show this weekend. Huckabee and Romney had a less-than-cordial relationship during the 2008 campaign, some of it rooted in the old friction between Southern Baptists and Mormons.

The New York Times speculates on a possible Huckabee endorsement of Romney over Rick Perry, a target of Huckabee snipes ever since he blew off Huckabee’s 2008 candidacy. Huckabee would be useful with the Religious Right base (repetitive, I guess) of the Republican Party. But I’m thinking Huckabee warmth toward Romney would also be a continuing indication of a Fox movement in Romney’s favor, underscored by recent criticism of Perry. Huckabee can help Romney. Fox advocacy is worth even more.