Once in a while Republicans are so blindingly honest about their beliefs, that you almost want to thank them, as chilling as those beliefs might be. Booing a fighting man for his sexual preference. Mass executions. Cheering denial of treatment to an uninsured, terminally ill patient. That sort of thing.

Today, it’s the Pope County Republican chairman, Gene Daughtry, and his heartfelt beliefs on organized labor, a view fitting with a totalitarian regime if not the nominal laws of these United States. From Blue Arkansas:


Okay, this is beyond dumb. Remember Gene Daughtry, the Pope County Republican Chairman that mouthed off at AR-03 candidate Ken Aden on Facebook and got schooled by the candidate? Well apparently Mr. Daughtry wasn’t finished and decided to try and taunt Aden’s campaign manager via text message. In addition to talking about how unions are a “disease” that need to be “erradicated”

Eradicated. Yes, and then what unpleasant if legal part of democratic life would Daughtry eradicate next?

I found this interesting note on how, unsurprisingly, Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Womack intends to demean and ignore the Democratic candidate:


So apparently, Steve Womack finally met his likely Democratic opponent face to face. (I say likely, but there’s no other Democrat on the radar.) Both Womack and Aden were at Freedom Fest in Russellville and according to someone who was in earshot of the encounter, when Aden said he looked forward to seeing Womack on the campaign trail, responded that he wouldn’t see him as “we run in different circles.” Aden has now seized on the remark and is now working it into his narrative, releasing a video where he addresses Womack directly by saying,

“Yes I do run in different circles. I’m proud of the circles that I run in, because the circles that I run in are made up of middle class people, just like myself, who put in forty plus hours a week trying to provide for their families. That’s a good crowd to run with.”

The Aden campaign issued a followup statement: