The Little Rock Zoo received a $4,000 check Thursday afternoon from the promoters of last Sunday’s Zoo Jam, a Toby Keith-headlined concert on the War Memorial Golf Course that proved an attendance flop.

Susan Altrui, a Zoo spokeswoman, said the check represented the amount the promoters were required to pay — 25 percent of gross alcohol sales, a promise required to receive a beer sales permit for the event. The zoo won’t be receiving any other contributions as a sponsor because the event made no profit.


Altrui said the promoters had told her they hoped to be talking to other vendors and contractors about payment arrangements. At last report, the city hadn’t received its $10,000 rental payment for use of the golf course through Monday. Golf course operations have been disrupted because the stage stayed up on the 12th hole through Wednesday. Altrui said promoters had paid laborers to remove the stage Wednesday, but the staging contractor is among those who’ve not received all they expected from work on the event.