Maybe because of stories like this: Craig Dubow, CEO of Gannett Corp., who oversaw implosion of the stock’s price, plummeting newspaper circulation and layoffs of thousands of workers, retires with a $37 million golden parachute on account of a bad back. Includes corporate jet and country club, home computer assistance and much more. But forget about him — it’s the deadbeats drawing $200 a week in unemployment benefits who are ruining America; also those wastrels buying a supermarket steak with their food stamps.

In the Republican world, Dubow should pay no taxes on his loot because it isn’t earned income.


RELATED: Speaking of Occupy Wall Street, Talking Points Memo has an item about right-wing propagandist James O’Keefe’s visit to the New York demonstration. He’s on probation on a federal rap and the question is whether he had permission to cross state lines. He has been given court approval for some earlier trips on Americans for Prosperity speaking engagements, including in Little Rock. Of course the Kochs would provide financial backing to O’Keefe. And of course cutting him loose with some misleading film work on those protesting excesses by financial barons would fit with their campaign against poor people.