DAZZLING: ZooJam promoters say concert was enjoyable experience despite low attendance.

  • ‘DAZZLING’: ZooJam promoters say concert was “enjoyable experience” despite low attendance.

A news release arrived today from ZooJam Promotions, which staged the financially disastrous ZooJam concert Oct. 2 at War Memorial Park. Toby Keith was the headliner.


The promoters say they have “compensated and met all contractual obligations to the local food and beverage vendors” and added, “Payment arrangements are being made with any contractors who may have remaining balances.”

This seemed to leave a number of open questions — including about the $10,000 rent payment owed the city, thousands in pay owed off-duty cops who provided security, payments to the stage rigger who had said he hadn’t been compensated for workers needed to take down the stage and more.


I got Eyren James of ZooJam Promotions on the phone. She provided little help. To each specific question, she repeated a statement that contractors had been paid or arrangements were being made. Did that mean contractors would be paid in full? Did that mean they accepted other terms if reduced amounts were being offered? Did the city get its full rental? She replied in every case, before finally hanging up on me, that payments had been made or arrangements were being made.

The Zoo netted zilch on the concert except a 25 percent cut, required by law, of gross alcohol sales. That was worth $4,000. ZooJams said the concert was an artistic success and poor attendance was “a shocking disappointment, completely unexpected and inexplicable by entertainment industry insiders.”


Sounds like the city hasn’t been paid: Said assistant city manager Bryan Day to my query:

The City has not paid any costs associated with the concert and are encouraging the promoters to meet their obligations. This includes the off-duty officers and the golf course rent.