I continue to stand in awe of Republican campaign strategy to demonize the poor and insist that they should pay more taxes rather than the rich.


Here’s another good examination of the myth of the tax deadbeats. When Republicans talk about people who don’t pay taxes, they often forget to mention they are only talking about the income tax. And even those in that category are understandable. Take a read, and a look at the chart presented by Talking Points Memo.

Meanwhile, with the country hurting and jobs wanting, Republicans in the House occupied their time yesterday with more abortion demagoguery — their seventh vote this year to restrict women’s access to abortion or family planning services. It was a bill to effectively prevent private insurance plans from offering coverage for abortion because it would bar coverage if any people using their plan received federal subsidies to help pay for insurance. It would also make it easier for denial of services by health providers who opposed abortion. It’s anti-woman and typical. All Arkies voted against women, including Rep. Mike Ross, a nominal Democrat. Rep. Tim Griffin, who represents historically pro-choice Pulaski County, proudly announced his vote against women’s rights in a news release.


ALSO: Read Krugman on the Republicans’ fun house view of economic stimulus. Yes, more tax cuts for the wealthy. That will do it! Who cares about deficits?