State Rep. Clark Hall of Marvell today made official his long-expected Democratic candidacy for 1st District Congress. He’s the first Democrat to announce against Republican Rep. Rick Crawford of Jonesboro.


He’s for jobs. Against “partisanship before people.” His potential Republican opponent is on record in support of an end to Medicare as a single-payer insurance program. Sounds like a theme. Noted: Zac Wright, who was Gov. Mike Beebe’s campaign manager, is the contact on Hall’s news release. Filing deadline for May primary is in March.

UPDATE: Republican attack machine already pounding Hall for gladly accepting available health care planning money and for once supporting legislation to bypass the electoral college for popular election of a president. Republicans want federal money for tax breaks for the rich. And they don’t want to give up the electoral college because they hate democracy, otherwise known as one-man, one-vote. Remember 2000? The man who lost the election went to the White House.


His announcement follows: