Going to be light posting for a while this morning.

I’m off shortly to KUAR, for the final day of fund-raising in this installment of twice-a-year fund-raising.


Call: 569-8485 of 1-800-952-2528 or make a pledge on kuar.org

Mention the Arkansas Blog and I’ll add $10 to your pledge. Admit you’re a Republican reader of the Blog and I’ll add $25.


UPDATE: Thanks to all. We got 22 blog pledges and one brave Republican. Thanks Sunshine. So I’m out $255 toward our total of more than $16,000.

Also on tap this morning:


* ETHICS: The Ethics Commission takes up my complaint about inadequate expense reporting by the Little Rock sales tax campaign at 9 this morning.

* LOTTERY: Later this morning, the Lottery Commmission schedules an “emergency” meeting on a personnel matter. Hmmm.