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* WAR IS OVER: President Obama declares all but total withdrawal from Iraq by the end of the year. Now, what about Afghanistan?


* INFORMATION SOUGHT: A blog reader commented the other day about first-hand knowledge of the poor vision of a driver involved in a fatal wreck. I think it will take some first-hand testimony for Little Rock police to consider going beyond a routine traffic citation and delve into investigating fitness for continued driving. Call or write if you’d be willing to help.

* WINDOW TINTING, CONTD: Ok, this is about all I’m going to get from the Department of Career Services on why Rehabilitation Services Commissioner Robert Trevino had taxpayers pay to tint his car windows: In short, because he could. The note from Deborah Germany, communications director:


Some state vehicles come with windows already tinted and included in the purchase price. If the vehicle is not purchased with tinted windows, the windows may be tinted and paid under the category of maintenance and repair. Payment for window tinting is governed by State Procurement Law and Rules, Small Orders. The procurement code, description, and explanation of small orders can be found on page 136 of the State Procurement Law and Rules. I have attached that page for you. Because the cost of tinting was less than $500, no bid was required.

So all you state car drivers, get those windows tinted. Boss can, you can. Right?

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