Teresa Belew of Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides a report on a hearing today before Circuit Judge Leon Johnson on the prosecuting attorney’s request to revoke a suspended sentence given Benjamin Swindoll. CORRECTION: I listed his first name incorrectly previously.

It was a long and much-publicized road to today’s hearing. Swindoll, 21, was arrested in 2008 on drug charges. That was followed by a 2009 fatal car crash in which he was convicted of negligent homicide; a brush with Florida law during spring break several weeks after that crash; a DWI and speeding charge after release from the Department of Community Corrections; failure of past revocation requests because of inadequate records and, most recently, a sobriety court sentence in the DWI/speeding case. A month into sobriety court, Swindoll tested positive in August for alcohol, prompting the latest motion for revocation.


The outcome today, according to Belew, was essentially a new suspended sentence. She wrote:

6 years suspended imposition of sentence starting new today. The judge really really means it. He is still to complete Serenity Park treatment and Sherwood Sobriety Court. Basically a new judge gave a new warning that the court really, really means it. No alcohol and drugs. Comply with court order. Don’t leave Arkansas for 2 years. Words fail.

Following is an Arkansas Leader article Sept. 4 with the background on today’s hearing: