GOD, GUNS, GAS: Its part of the David Sanders press release.

  • GOD, GUNS, GAS: It’s part of the David Sanders press release.

I mentioned in The Insider this week that Rep. David Sanders of Little Rock would be in the Republican primary for an open Senate seat that Rep. Ed Garner of Maumelle is also seeking.


Good timing. Sanders made it official today. News release follows with the requisite church, gun and anti-tax references (and obligatory photo of his five kids.) Philosophically, there’s not much difference between Sanders and Garner. Sanders also has tapped taxpayers as Garner and most other legislators have for the dubious pay supplements that are now under legal challenge. But he didn’t use his bakery to claim reimbursement for “services” as Garner did, nor did he double-bill his campaign account for alleged bakery expenses, as Garner did. Nor has he been cited as a tax deadbeat by the state. So there’s that.

FORGOT TO MENTION: I don’t think Sanders noted his leadership of the Rick Perry Posse in his news release. That’s a diminishing group. I’m wondering if that Heights Republican matron still displays that Perry bumper sticker on her luxury SUV.