Forget the Herman Cain sexual harassment story, even though it’s just getting cranked up. Try this one, about a well-sourced report that suggests his campaign got off the ground with illegal fund-raising.

Herman Cain is a clown. The Republicans who are trying to blame his problems on liberals don’t get it. He’s the Democrats’ dream candidate.


SEX UPDATE: Herman Cain’s firm denial of on-the-job sexual harassment — accompanied by press criticism that Politico never named his accuser — has already been buffeted by news that Politico DID name one of the accusers to Cain in seeking comment from him unsuccessfuly. Oh.

Also, NBC says it has confirmed that one woman received a cash settlement over her complaint against Cain. Surprisingly, NBC has not identified the woman. Don’t quite get that. It’s going to all get hung out eventually.


GOD UPDATE: In nationally televised speech, Herman Cain sings “He Looked Beyond My Faults.

ARKIE ANGLE: Mary Ose, who once headed personnel for the National Restaurant Association but has retired to Arkansas, figures in the reporting on who-knew-what-when about complaints/investigations of Herman Cain.


RIGHTWING UPDATE: Conservative commentators play the race card in defense of Cain. Facts? They don’t need them, on the harassment complaint or the campaign spending. You may NOT speak ill of a Tea Partyer.