Because of three episodes of Little Rock air travelers going through security checks with weapons, the Little Rock Police Department has issued a public reminder:

Please help us get the word out that it is illegal to carry a weapon into the airport. This will result in an arrest every time and the traveler will miss their flight



Lt. Terry Hastings said the police believed that, in each of the recent three cases, the travelers took weapons into the screening area unintentionally. Some have been concealed handgun permit holders who “forget to take their weapon out,” he said. But Hastings said all stopped with weapons would be arrested and their carry permits turned over to the State Police.

In the latest episode, on Oct. 25, Jeffrey Splawn, 39, of Hot Springs, had a loaded .357 revolver in his carry-on bag, Hastings said. He was charged with carrying a weapon and his carry permit was turned over to State Police. Splawn, who works for a tool company and was en route to Orlando, said he’d forgotten the gun was in his bag.


UPDATE: Here’s a report on earlier gun episodes.