More cartoon-quality legislating from U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin. He has legislation — going nowhere — to stop new government regulations. Thanks to Republican dishonesty, many American voters do believe that regulations are the cause of economic ills. Lack of sufficient financial regulation, in fact, may be one of the biggest causes of economic ills. We let the banks run wild, bailed them out and provided no recompense to consumers while the execs pocketed millions.

Regulations also protect air, water, consumers, rights. Tim Griffin is about protecting corporations, not people, particularly from rules to curb pollution. See his list of most offensive regulations in his news release:


BUT WAIT: Before we go on to the news release, I just got a photo of groundbreaking for the West Little Rock Fire Station. Among those wielding a shovel is Griffin’s district director Carl Vogelpohl. The station is being built with $2 million federal stimulus money. Or to use Tim Griffin’s standard cartoon-quality description, “failed federal stimulus money.” Whaddya bet Timmy himself will be at the shovel for stimulus-financed improvements to the high profile I-430/630 interchange.

UPDATE: I asked Griffin’s office about celebrating stimulus-funded work while criticizing it. His press aide Jonathan Samford responded:


The firefighters and the residents of Little Rock are the Congressman’s constituents, and he supports them regardless of the fact that the stimulus failed to create the jobs promised,” said Jonathan Samford, a spokesman for Rep. Griffin