The line is open for your comments. Close-outs:

* AND THEN THERE WERE THREE: A third woman tells AP of inappropriate behavior by Herman Cain. And a witness to one incident, a Repub working for Perry, tells a tale. Doesn’t matter to true believers. The Fox Noise machine demeaning women is truly fearsome to behold. Plus, what about Obama’s grades? Idiotocracy.


* WHIRLPOOL IMPACT: The City Wire gets an analysis of the impact of the closure of the Whirlpool plant in Fort Smith. Dating back to full employment days, the annual loss is about a quarter of a BILLION dollars a year in direct and indirect losses.

* HOW BAD WAS THE ALBERT PIKE CAMPGROUND FLOOD? Bad, we know. 20 people were killed. But a U.S. Geological Survey study has been completed. It shows 4.7 inches of rain fell in the narrow valley in three hours; that the water rose to 7 feet in the campground and the current moved at 7.5 mph.


* LAST GASP OF COPYRIGHT TROLL: Righthaven, the copyright lawsuit machine bankrolled by Stephens Media that enlisted Democrat-Gazette publisher Walter Hussman as an early client, is in its death rattle after a series of losing court cases. U.S. marshals have been ordered to seize assets to satisfy a judgment. The big money behind this bad idea, of course, are shielded from liability and took steps to disassociate themselves from this nasty bit of business when the blowback began. But their cheerleading is not forgotten.

* FRACKING THE SCEPTERED ISLE: The Brits are looking into whether fracking there is connected to seismic activity. Do I smell a junket for the Shale Caucus out of this? The right hon. senator from Bigelow could assure them that all is well. And the well is all.


* HEIGHTS BANK ROBBED: Sharp surveillance photo from a bank robbery today of the Regions branch at 1801 N. Fillmore, near Cantrell and University.