The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hasn’t given up on regaining House seats and has targeted 25 Republicans with ads on their poor voting records and ethical shortcomings.

One of the targets is 1st District Republican Rep. Rick Crawford of Jonesboro.


The ad running in the Arkansas district of Rep. Rick Crawford claims Crawford ensured tax loopholes for oil companies.

“Congressman Crawford is making sure that big oil companies keep their giant tax loopholes and the most wealthy keep their tax cuts – and hasn’t done anything to create more jobs or help the middle class,” the ad says.

The ad continues, “Congressman Crawford is listening to his special interest friends instead of fighting for us. That’s just not right.”

PS — A blog reader who’s on Rick Crawford’s e-mail list notes the subject line on a message he received this morning about Crawford’s support for financial deregulation to give small businesses more access to capital (money):

RELEASE: Crawford votes to give Small Busniesses access to Capitol

Business has more access than it needs to the Capitol, I think most would agree.