The line is open. Final thoughts:

* WE GET QUESTIONS: Caller notes a truck pulled up to state Rep. Allen Kerr’s Farmers Group insurance agency on Merrill Drive the other day and hauled boxes of records away. Caller also said Kerr is no longer representing Farmers Group. Kerr said there’s a simple explanation. Farmers has bought his Farmers business from him and he’s going to become an independent insurance agency representing multiple lines. He has entered a non-compete contract, which means he can’t prospect old customers, who remain with Farmers. He said he’ll have more details to announce before long on his new associations. He said becoming an independent was the only good course he had for expansion, after 30 years with Farmers. “Everybody I’ve talked to who left a captive company became much richer and a lot happier than they were before,” Kerr said.


* RAISING CAIN: Herman Cain, with count of female accusers at five (on top of his dishonest denial of financial settlements at the outset), finally goes the conventional route. He blames Democrats and, with the gleeful help of the Fox Noise machine, starts trashing the women. It would appear that the more damaging facts emerge, the better Republican primary voters like him. Go, Herman, go.