Rick Perry suffered another debate meltdown — forgetting the federal agencies he’s vowing to eliminate. The web is full of talk about it and is prompting questions on whether NOW is it time for him to call it quits. From Twitter:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry to AP on if his bid suffered mortal blow in debate: “Oh, shoot, no,” he said. “This ain’t a day for quittin’ nothin’.”

Go, Herman, go.

APOLOGIES: I overlooked the reference to Perry’s stumble in the D-G wrapup story and in the original post wrote incorrectly that I was surprised not to see it there. Sorry.


ALSO: Good column by Joe Conason on Perry’s blunder and the general wrong-headedness on the part of Republicans about government.

ALSO: Do the David Sanders-led Terrible 20, the Rick Perry Posse of Arkansas legislators, still stand tall for the Texan? You’d think at least the hot check artist among them would be jumping off this public attention-getter, given his own problem in seeking re-election now that his record is known. Still waiting for the Republican Party of Arkansas — hot to trot about possibly erroneous campaign expenditure reports by Rep. Barry Hyde — to say whether it endorses candidates with a hot check conviction.