Wednesday night line is open. Final words:

* GENE LYONS: Don’t forget, he goes up on our website every Wednesday. He’s writing today about the power of money and more of what the 1 percent has visited on us.


* REP. JOE WALSH IS NUTS: Surely somebody will defeat this screaming Illinois maniac.



* TECHNOLOGY PARK: I attended the organizational meeting of the board that will oversee development of a technology park here. Dr. Mary Good, the retired UALR dean, was elected chairman. The agency is henceforth going to be known as the Little Rock Technology Park Authority, rather than Central Arkansas TPA, in deference to the fact that Little Rock taxpayers are providing the only significant capital devoted to the project so far — a promised $22 million from a new city sales tax. The authority will meet every second Wednesday at 4 p.m. and the Dec. 14 meeting is to be a community forum, with an opportunity for questions. A small contingent from the neighborhood likely to be targeted for the project, between UAMS and UALR in Oak Forest or nearby, was on hand to learn what they could about potential site selection. A request for proposals from civil engineers and title firms to identify potential sites was authorized, but in response to my question, Dickson Flake said it was too early to say what the general boundaries of the area to be considered would be. Several sites were mentioned in a consultant’s study that was done for the project, but Mayor Mark Stodola was careful in the sales tax campaign to avoid giving specifics on the location. Dr. Good said she expected to hear plenty more on the subject and several in the audience nodded in agreement.