SCHEDULED TO CLOSE: Tilly, Ark.,  postoffice

  • SCHEDULED TO CLOSE: Tilly, Ark., postoffice

Sometimes it doesn’t seem a week goes by without a story in the Democrat-Gazette about the effort to prevent closure of a small crossroads postoffice. Invariably, budget hawks who imperil Social Security and Medicare — see Sen. John “Dr. No” Boozman and Rep. Rick Crawford in this morning’s installation of the ongoing series — lead the charge to decry this tearing of a small community’s social fabric.
Some of these same community stalwarts often decry in other forums the inability of the Postal Service to make a profit like FedEx and UPS — neither of which is required to staff an office in Tilly or Black Oak or wherever.

Moral: Talk is cheap. Universal service — whether of mail or health care — isn’t.