FRIEND OF THE POOR? Not U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin.

  • FRIEND OF THE POOR? Not U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin.

See that big ad in the Sunday paper that seemed to laud U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin’s work to protect medical care for seniors? All sentient beings know that Griffin is intent on destroying the current system of Social Security and Medicare. Thus, he needs his corporate benefactors to put up a smokescreen for his support for the damaging ideas of the Republican leadership in the House.


You need not wait until Wednesday’s paper edition of the Times for Ernest Dumas to explain the dishonesty afoot here. We have it today. A selection, with the full report on the jump:

Sunday, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette published a big ad praising Griffin for standing up to Obama and protecting low-income Medicare recipients from giant tax increases and benefit cuts planned by the president.

If that sounds a little implausible to you—you thought Obama was a bleeding heart who cared only about the poor and all the minorities and nothing about the well off and comfortable—you would be a little closer to the truth. The president has offered no plan, as the ad claims he did, to impose a tax of 23 percent or more on the elderly poor’s prescription-drug benefits. The ad doesn’t tell you how that is going to happen, but it is convincing if you are among the 99 percent of Americans who don’t have a clue how the inscrutable amalgam of health insurance programs works.

The ad’s purpose is to re-elect Griffin by juxtaposing him against Obama, who has been unpopular in Arkansas since he entered the race for president nearly five years ago.