When I gaze upon the clowns assembled for the Republican primary campaign, I often think how glad I am Mike Huckabee opted for media money. He could win the presidency, if some crazy splits in the Republican Party didn’t deny him the nomination.

More evidence: A piece he co-authored with Norm Coleman for Politico on foreign aid, as quoted in Newsmax:

Some Republican presidential candidates have expressed disdain for foreign aid. But slashing or eliminating foreign aid, as some conservatives have suggested, isn’t a wise strategy, say former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Minnesota Sen. Norman Coleman.

“This ‘soft power’ is sometimes dismissed as expensive and expendable. It’s neither,” the Republican duo writes on Politico. “Foreign aid is less than 1 percent of the federal budget. When it’s spent in a strategic and targeted manner, with transparent accountability, foreign aid makes a substantial contribution to U.S. security and prosperity.”

Sanity, from a Republican. Rare lately. Of course the old Republican establishment, which Huckabee had a hard time reaching in 2008, has always had a strong inclination toward engaging the world.

If this isn’t enough strangeness, consider this. Rick Santorum, I said RICK SANTORUM, with kind words for the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They have a “legitimate point,” he says.