Take off. Flights of fancy allowed. Final words:

* BOOTLEGGER’S BOY: A friend says Barry Switzer was in town today promoting his new Napa cabernet. (That’s wine.) Somehow I’d have figured the son of a Crossett bootlegger as more of a bourbon-and-branch kind of guy.


* SIS BOOM BAH: War Memorial Stadium Commissioner Kevin Crass tells me a private fund-raising effort came up with $18,000 to supply 50,000 pom-pons for waving at the Hogs’ game with Mississippi State tomorrow. Hog wildness is at a fever pitch, seems like.

* CHURCH AND STATE IN WEST FORK: Rep. Justin Harris, who receives taxpayer money to support Bible classes and more religious instruction at his church preschool, has corrected himself on a DHS “referral” of his situation to the attorney general. He says the agency has explained the a.g’s “help” had been sought, as opposed to an official “opinion.” He says Democrats are attacking poor, undernourished children by criticizing his school. No, Justin. Feed the poor. Provide daycare for the little children. Just don’t use my damn tax dollars to teach the Bible to them. He really needs to check that part of the Bible about bearing false witness.


* GUBERNATORIAL DREAMING: Since he won’t return my call and since at least three people guessed who I was speculating about last night, Little Rock businessman John Burkhalter, a Beebe appointee to the Highway Commission, is apparently giving at least a little thought to running for governor in 2014. He could self-finance, as they say. But the road of self-financed candidates is littered with wasted expenditures. Raising money from others is also about building a network.

* COMMENTS, WE GET COMMENTS: You might note that a bunch of new features are in place on the comments function. Likes/Dislikes function; expandable comment box; and more. Let me know if you encounter problems.


* SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS: On returning from Iraq, a gay Army captain talks about his experience being booed when he asked Republican presidential candidates where they stood on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Two questions for Army veteran Tom Cotton, Republican candidate for 4th District Congress: 1) How do you feel about booing of Army captain?; 2) would you like to reinstate either DADT or ban on gay service?