Clothing, and lack of, on parallel tracks in Little Rock and Egypt.

BARES ALL: Egyptian blogger.

  • BARES ALL: Egyptian blogger stirs country.

NAKED BLOGGING: Fascinating story in New York Times on a young Egyptian woman who’s posted nude photos of herself on her blog as a political and artistic statement. It’s roiled the current political revolution underway in Egypt. A link to her blog, in the interest of political discussion. (NSFW if your bosses have hangups about artistic nudes).

* CLOTHED CAME THE REPORTER: Back home in Arkansas, Channel 4’s Melissa Simas went the other direction. She dressed herself in the fashion of Muslim women and visited various places in Little Rock to measure reactions. Mostly routine.


At lunchtime, we stopped at a popular diner. While the waitstaff was friendly, and most people didn’t even acknowledge we were there, people at one particular table across from us, continuously watched me. One woman even turned all the around to get a glance at me.