WALKING TALL: UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson (right) walking with student on campus.

  • WALKING TALL: UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson (right) walking with student on campus.

I got another reason today to like UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson besides his quiet leadership, his modest ways (no housing upgrade or flashy car in his tenure) and, most of all, his dedication to a calling beyond building sidewalks or a football team or artificially inflating enrollment.


His annual survey on community racial attitudes is always a useful reminder of distance yet to travel. His establishment of an Institute on Race and Ethnicity and promise to make it a meaningful contributor is another demonstration of his commitment to human rights. And then there’s this:

Anderson went before the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees today to urge the Arkansas legislature and Congress to approve the DREAM Act and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Add Anderson, with Mike Huckabee, to the short list of Republicans who do honor, at least on this topic, to Lincoln’s legacy.


The UA Board didn’t act. Wusses. People who’ve lived for years in Arkansas and succeeded at high school should be given the path to citizenship provided by the DREAM Act. They certainly shouldn’t be forced to pay more for college than blueblood kids from Highland Park, Texas whose houses are cleaned by “illegal aliens.” That’s the practice at Arkansas’s flagship university now — in-state tuition for Texans but not for many Arkansans born outside the U.S. None dare call that justice.

The UALR release: