• WALL STREET’S NEMESIS: Elizabeth Warren.

Does anger at Wall Street and the big bankers for escaping the consequences that befall working-class Americans have election day implications? Massachusetts may be a good measure.


Even more money is pouring into the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, a favorite of Wall Street. The financial barons don’t like for a minute the prospect of his defeat by Elizabeth Warren, a smart and unshakable defender of consumers. So smart, in fact, that Wall Street opposition forced President Obama to back off appointing her to head an agency she dreamed up. The NY Times describes her as “godmother of the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

You could make an ad from this:


Mr. Brown, a freshman who harnessed populist Tea Party anger to win the seat once held by Edward M. Kennedy, has taken more money from the financial industry than almost any other senator: all told, more than $1 million during the last two years, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Of the 20 companies that accounted for the most campaign donations to Mr. Brown, about half were prominent investment or securities firms like Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments and Bain Capital. His donors include such blue-chip names as Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, and the hedge fund kings John Paulson and Kenneth Griffin.