BLACK OPS: Secret mission over old VA last night approved by Mayor Stodola.
  • BLACK OPS: Secret mission over old VA Friday night approved by Mayor Stodola.
  • Kathy Wells sent a note to Mayor Mark Stodola about unusual helicopter flights over downtown Saturday Friday night.


    His response:

    Kathy—-the military exercise last night was a training exercise for the same military unit that captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. These type of missions are critical which is why we agreed to participate at the military’s request. The owner of the old VA hospital also agreed.

    Navy Seal operations over the old VA hospital on Roosevelt Road? I don’t know if this included activities beyond hovering, such as dropping down by ropes to objectives on the ground. Anybody who spotted this is invited to report.


    Is it unreasonable to think that military operations over populated neighborhoods — even by top-secret military units — might cause a little concern to a populace not informed such was underway? When last we checked, the old VA was owned by a controversial evangelist Bill Gothard, who ran the Institute for Basic Life Principles there. It was described as a prison training program.

    UPDATE: A neighbor offers a comment:


    It’s completely outrageous, in my view, that the neighborhood wasn’t informed that this was going to be going on in advance. Most of us were fairly freaked out 11pm-1am Friday night/Saturday morning about this craziness. I’m betting the mayor would have asked a lot more questions if they’d wanted to use the Heights as a training ground when folks are trying to sleep.

    … the nonstop failures of the city government (especially their utter disrespect for those they “serve” who happen to live south of 630) are driving me crazy.