RICK PERRY: In college days at Texas A&M.

  • RICK PERRY: In college days at Texas A&M.

By its front-page coverage, the New York Times suggests Texas Gov. Rick Perry remains in the hunt for the Republican presidential nonmination, though his polling his dropped down to Huntsman level.


Today’s feature, on his military service, bears notice from me because of the great photo from his Texas A&M days used to illustrate the piece (above). It’s from the university archives.

Which reminds for those who’ve read this far: Talking football in Starbucks yesterday, a Hog observer wondered whether the future held a potential early end to the Arkansas-Texas A&M game in Dallas. There’s some thought it hasn’t been as financially productive for the schools as stadium owner Jerry Jones envisioned. With the Aggies joining the SEC, home-and-home makes more sense. PLUS: This would give Jerry Jones an opening sure enough for a BIG DEAL. Matching the Longhorns and the Aggies in Cowboy Stadium, a rivalry that otherwise seems to have come to an end because of conference complications. Good theory. And it creates a new potential creampuff date for the Hogs.