NEWLYWED: Justice Courtney Hudson Goodson

  • NEWLYWED: Justice Courtney Hudson Goodson

I’ll have a few more details if I get a callback, but the report of Arkansas Supreme Court decisions this morning reveals marital news:


Supreme Court Justice Courtney Henry was married recently and now appears on court decisions as Justice Courtney Hudson Goodson. Her office confirms the recent marriage.

Henry, who was divorced from her husband Mark shortly after her election to the Supreme Court in May 2010, has been in a relationship for some time with John Goodson, a Texarkana lawyer who also has a home in Little Rock. That relationship made a little news early this year when the judge filed her statement of financial interest and disclosed a number of gifts from Goodson, as well as a debt of $5,000.


Goodson, 53 and his new wife, 39, were married Nov. 26 in Miller County, where Goodson is a voting resident. They were married by Bruce Bennett, senior pastor of the Texarkana First United Methodist Church. Sorry, no dress, reception or honeymoon details available thus far.