COMING BACK: Yarnells ice cream.

Quoting a Chamber of Commercial office, KTHV broke the news that the Chicago snack company that bought major assets of the former Yarnell’s ice cream plant in Searcy has plans to make ice cream there again. Many details yet to come on branding, recipes, employment of former Yarnell’s people and more

UPDATE: Kat Robinson has confirmed the report on our Eat Arkansas blog. She also reports that the buyer of major plant assets for $1.3 million — Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company, which has a granola bar plant in Searcy — had struck a deal with a man who picked up Yarnell’s recipes at yesterday’s auction for $2,500. He had said he wasn’t much of an ice cream fan, but thought he saw an opportunity to make some money. Apparently, he did.

CORRECTION: We apparently got bad information on the ice cream recipes. Though a buyer THOUGHT he’d bought them at auction, the bankruptcy trustee didn’t complete the sale. The recipes were taken back from two buyers when a Chicago company bought trademark rights, Channel 7 reports.

Maybe Angel Food vanilla will make a comeback after all.

Schulze and Burch’s website indicates that granola bars and toaster pastries are its main products now and there’s no mention of ice cream. All the more reason to think some former Yarnell’s knowhow might be put back to work.