Wackiness is stacking up like cord wood. A mid-morning roundup:

SHUT UP: Jeff Long jumps CBS for showing Bobby Petrino outburst, not Petrino.

  • SHUT UP, CBS: Jeff Long jumps CBS for showing Bobby Petrino outburst, not Petrino.

1) HOG CENSORSHIP: UA Athletic Director Jeff Long says he complained to the SEC — COMPLAINED TO THE SEC! — because CBS replayed Bobby Petrino’s cursing of Les Miles during the LSU game. Real reporting on our bread and circuses is not allowed. Our multi-million-dollar-men must be protected from unpleasant exposure. Bad for brand.

2) JUVENILE DELINQUENT REPUBLICANS: Michael Cook reports on Repub Twitterers run wild with silly Beebe smears. Davy Carter and Jonathan Dismang, to their credit, reproved the Young Republicans, who are beyond shame.


3) PUT A SOCK IN IT, HUGH: The ASU coach took the job at Ole Miss for zillions of dollars, but he couldn’t leave without Twittering about his godliness and his undying love of ASU players.

* To the players at Arkansas State. I LOVE EACH and EVERYONE of you. I’m sorry, i truly am. I hope that in time you will forgive me.

* I asked for a word from God, I found Jeremiah 29:11-14. I have taken the Head Coaching Job at Ole Miss, but it’s not without a heavy heart.

Was it Jeremiah 29 that said, “Thou shalt take the money and runneth?”

4) CURTIS COLEMAN. The utterly failed U.S. Senate candidate now starts early to be a failed 2014 gubernatorial candidate (Tolbert Report).

5) I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP: If you have time to kill, Debbie Pelly’s screed on an “extreme radical” who provides advice to Arkansas cities on making communities more walkable is remarkable even for the Jonesboro wingnut extraordinaire. (NLR Mayor Pat Hays is lumped in with the extremist, by the way.)

There is no way Americans are going to depend on walking and biking and mass transit unless the government forces it on them through high gas prices, expensive cars, regulations, etc. There are all kinds of energy that could be tapped in our own country including drilling in Alaska, offshore and other places. Therefore, the government is imposing extreme unnecessary hardships on its citizens, and the MPO is knowingly or unknowingly cooperating with the federal government in its endeavors.

6) AND YOU THOUGHT HOG FANS WERE EXCITABLE: A sharp reader caught comments on a Kansas State message board about the coming Cotton Bowl game with Arkansas. This ought to be make red-blooded Hog fans even madder than suggesting that the Pledge as a pre-game festivity is pointless folderol. (And I should have said at the outset that I’m guessing a lot of this was calculated to be seen by Razorback lurkers on K-State message boards.)

Does playing Arkansas hurt the image of our program?

* Just wondering what you guys think about playing Arkansas. I don’t know anything about them but I think they’re considered “small time” as it relates to the college football world.

I am worried that people will associate them when they think about KSU football and I’d hate to hurt our national brand/image. We have the second most recognizable program behind Notre Dame and I don’t want to tarnish it.

* Arkansas? WTF? I thought we were playing Alabama.

* We are playing the one with more Walmarts.

* It’s a bowl game. we didn’t schedule it and don’t have a choice in the matter. i think most people know that and aren’t going to hold it against us or whatever.

* Back-to-back games against Iowa State and Arkansas is really going to tarnish our rep. JFC, is there a hillbillier state than Arkansas?! AND we have to play them in Dallas so their poor ass fanbase gets to drive their jalopies all Beverly Hillbillys style. I really feel bad for the fine folks of DFW.

* Classic lose-lose for us. If you fight the respect, you’re a dick. If you refuse, well you’re a pussy who’s afraid to fight a poor ass, inbred, methhead respect who lives near a giant Walmart.