GENE LYONS: This week, hes on Newt, the Jimmy Swaggart of American politics.

  • GENE LYONS: This week, he’s on Newt, the Jimmy Swaggart of American politics.

Go, Newt, go. That’s my mantra. I can’t believe he could be elected, so I cheer his race for the Republican nomination. If there really is a risk voters would elect such a fraud, then we’re sunk as a country anyway.


Gene Lyons this week rounds up just some of the many reasons why it’s almost laughable that Gingrich is in ascendancy.

UPDATE: Norma Bates also recommends Gary Kamiya as essential reading in Salon on Newt, “the creepiest huckster in American politics,” and, generally, the “infantile style” of GOP politics.


Gene Lyon’s piece begins:

Newt Gingrich is the Jimmy Swaggart of American politics, a confidence man so transparent as to test the faith even of True Believers. Paradoxically, that’s precisely why the disgraced former Speaker looks a good bet to secure the GOP presidential nomination.

Not seeing through Gingrich’s bare-faced mendacity requires an effort of the will so profound it can only be accomplished with the aid of strong countervailing emotions—essentially the envy, resentment and fear which right-wing media have fomented among the faithful ever since the election of President Clinton and the 1994 “Contract with America.”

Metaphorically speaking, Gingrich’s candidacy is the love child of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, with Fox News throwing the baby shower.