GUS MALZAHN: Jonesboro here I come.

  • GUS MALZAHN: Jonesboro here I come.



Let’s give a big Red Wolf welcome to Gus Malzahnand his lovely wife Kristi — who are heading to Jonesboro as the new head coaching family of Arkansas State University. This continues a highly religious head coach at ASU and, hey, it worked for Hugh Freeze. Perhaps Bro. Ronnie Floyd can come over to Jonesboro to do an interview with his former congregant — and the missus — about their new hometown.

Many questions. The reports are that Malzahn will be paid $850,000 a year under a five-year contract — a pay cut from the million he makes as an assistant in Auburn, but a whopping increase from the $200,000 or so paid Freeze and the contract gives him security he doesn’t have at Auburn.


Where’s the money going to come from? Good question for a school that, despite a highly successful season, drew a whopping 11,000 to its final home game in Jonesboro. Student fees seem a good bet, unless Wallace Fowler or someone has dug deep.

For some reason, the hire has supercharged Twitter discussion on an ASU game with the University of Arkansas. Again: I’m for this, by legislative fiat if necessary. Again: It’s not going to happen. UNLESS, that is, the University of Arkansas decides it would be in ITS interest to have the game and I detect no movement in that direction on the part of Jeff Long or anybody else in the Hog power structure.