It looked kind of crazy out there today, the last major shopping Saturday before Christmas, so after a brief venture out, I retreated. Now to you, but some final notes:

* The photo above is from an Occupy Little Rock march today to the federal building, where an overzealous federal officer got in the face of people exercising their right to be on city sidewalks. The steady vigilance of the Little Rock police, and their support for sidewalk used even by difty effen hippies, was a useful counter-balance, I’m told by one of the about 50 marchers (gainfully employed, thank you very much). Lots of photos taken and a little tension as the federal man moved sit-down people back a few feet and ordered one to snuff out a cigarette.

* This is interesting, a report on the Republican blockage of judicial appintments, even plain-vanilla, thoroughly qualified sorts. It’s a new strategy as the Repubs smell blood and a continuation of shaping of the federal judiciary into a partisan tool. There’s a vacancy crisis that even the lead Republican agenda setter, Chief Justice John Roberts, sees as a problem.