You’re on. I’m off. Final words:

* ‘FACE STOMPING BRAWL’: Fox 16’s David Goins reports arrest of female UCA students in a “face-stomping brawl” and promises more details on the evening newscast, along with a report on what UCA plans to do about frat parties gone wild.


* JUSTICE AND MERCY IN BENTON: The mother of a Benton ninth grader expelled for giving pain medication left over from dental surgery to a classmate writes here about the severity of the punishment and the lack of educational alternatives for her son. She makes no excuses for her son’s admitted mistake, but asks attention to what happens to education in the meanwhile.

* YES!!!!! My Christmas wish might come true: Sarah Palin tells Fox it’s not too late for another candidate to get in the presidential race.


* PIPELINE PROPONENTS: Note how Sen. Mark Pryor endorses the Senate payroll tax deal, with its provision that requires secretary of state approval of the Keystone pipeline within 60 days — unless the president determines it’s not in the public interest.

* TEA PARTY WOMACK: Rep. Steve Womack hangs with the Tea Party in rebuffing the bipartisan Senate bill to extend payroll tax cuts.


Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) accused Senate Republicans who voted for the compromise legislation of setting aside the national interest out of a personal desire to see their families over the holidays.

“I didn’t see the high-fiving going on, but I did hear the tune “I’ll be home for Christmas” coming out of that mix,” he said. “I personally think that that vote had a lot more to do with getting out of Washington and going back home.”