I expect to be back. But it’s that happy time of the year when my kids are coming home for Christmas and I have airport duty. Charles Brown is queued up on the car CD player. Some odds and ends:

* YET ANOTHER CHARTER SCHOOL SCANDAL: Charter school abuses in Florida are widespread. Wasted money. No accountability. Profiteers run amuck. All in a Miami Herald report summarized here.


* THE ODD COUPLE: The pairing isn’t so odd. But individually? Perfect pairing of oddities. Rep. Justin Harris — the West Fork Republican who the state of Arkansas’s Education and Human Services Departments unaccountabily pay almost $1 million a year in tax money to teach Bible to young children (evangelical Christian version) — has jumped Rick Perry’s foundering ship to become manager of the Newt Gingrich campaign in Arkansas. Just about as Newt is sinking fast except with the utter wackjobs in the Republican Party. (Wait, there are a lot of those.) Anyway …. Gingrich “knows how to fix things,” Harris told the Northwest Arkansas newspaper.