Doesn’t much matter nationally. When Bro. Justin Harris thinks you’re a loser — man, you ARE a loser.

But it’s worth a look at the Rick Perry Texas miracle because Republicans love to tout it so much. School spending has been slashed. 12,000 teachers fired. Special ed teachers? Gone. Teachers’ aides? Gone. Bus drivers and security guards? Also drastically reduced. Class sizes? Huge.


What you have in Texas is the logical conclusion of Tea Party government, still being promoted daily, if not hourly, by people like U.S. Reps. Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Rick Crawford. The only solution for the country, they say, is to cut government. The only solution. Screw the kids. Screw the sick. Forget that cutting government also means cutting important services, jobs and the paychecks that help drive the economy. Unless we can protect rich people’s tax breaks, there’s nothing worth saving in America.

When your payroll taxes (that’s what working people pay on earned income; rich folks pay nothing toward Social Security and Medicare, and enjoy a low tax rate, on dividends and capital gains) go up Jan. 1, thank Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Rick Crawford. If their rump caucus continues to hold U.S. government hostage, thank them for the implosion of government services and schools. Defense will be last to go, of course. But inevitably, it will have to go, too.


PS — Yes, football survives in Texas. First things first.