Col. Steve Womack, who blustered at critical constituents at a Fayetteville Town Hall last week, is putting himself before the public again next week. Take your questions — why do you hate college students and the hungry, for example? — to the Riverfront Pavilion in Fort Smith at 3 p.m. Wednesday.


Womack’s recent newsletter put this spin on his showing in Fayettevillle:

On Wednesday, I had the great privilege of hosting a town hall in Fayetteville. We had a good turnout, and a lot of great questions. Town halls are excellent forums for spirited conversation and debate. I welcome those of you who have questions to come out and let your voices be heard, because I strongly believe that we can fix the problems facing our country if we work together.

Attendees would do well to follow the polite, informed, but persistent approach of the college student who set Womack off last week. A video camera would be nice, too. Womack would do well to listen, not lecture.