Mitt Romney was for a woman’s right to choose abortion before he was against it. But, even as governor of Massachusetts, he took a particularly harsh stance on something that isn’t abortion — a morning-after contraceptive pill for rape victims.

The Massachusetts legislature wanted to guarantee availability of this pill to rape victims. Romney vetoed the bill to make it available over the counter and at all hospital emergency rooms. The legislature overrode the veto. Cold stuff. You’d think Romney would be bragging about this to help himself in the Republican primary, where the true believers have begun to make it clear that it’s not just abortion they oppose, but contraception. If you screw, you pay. The general election voter doesn’t yet appear to be anti-birth control pill.


Of course, fairness requires a mention of the Obama administration’s disappointment on this very issue, mentioned in the linked article. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has overruled scientists who said the drug was safe to be available over the counter. (Added info: Sebelius stopped non-prescription use under 17.)